2011 DECEMBER 16, 17, 18 
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Work will be accepted until November 15

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_____________________or request: interconexiones2011@gmail.com

Theoretical Foundation

We understand video-dance like a choreographed work made specifically to be displayed on the screen, which creatively fuse body language, visual arts and audiovisual language resources in the service of the work. This includes choreography designed to be filmed, reworked for film/video choreography or previous performances and animations based on the composition of motion, among other variables in the format.

More than a creative genre, we consider video-dance like an artistic strategy -deeply contemporary- which allows research, merger and development of local and collective aesthetics and countless simultaneous origins. For this reason we are invited to attend the upcoming international circuit viewing, diffusion and reflection of this artistic area.

interconexiones 2011 invites a participatory questioning of the concept video-dance, which values both its originators of action (choreography, drama, scenery, costumes, musical, design and composition of movement in a physical or virtual space, and so on.) and their artistic expansions arising from the technical experimentation of the moving image (e.g. video-performance, webcam-dance, ciber-dance, etc.) Thus, we may question and clarify hybrid concepts about dance, multimedia and possible combinations of sense, while allowing a discussion of contemporary aesthetics. Each work submitted may be original from more than one point of view: either the creative factor or by technical factors, allow unknown artistic variables, and hence, of analysis.

  1. Will be received previously performed video-dance works, video format, from any location. 
  2. A curatorial committee will select the works to be screened on the day of the exhibition.
  3. Will publishing the program and participants by different media.
  4. Selected works will be exhibited on the day of the show in the 16 participating locations (14 cities, 6 countries).
  5. After the exhibition, selected works will be published in a special edition DVD, which will be sent a copy to each participant, as well as specialist video libraries.
  6. This exhibition is not competitive, so there is no economic incentive.

    Exhibition: 2011 December 16, 17, 18
    ARICA, Chile
    -Centro de Artes El Tren
    BARCELONA, España
    -Cream Espai Creatiu
    BERLÍN, Alemania
    BOGOTÁ, Colombia
    -Fundación Imagen en Movimiento
    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina
    -internship VideoDanzaBA (nov. 22-30)
    COPIAPÓ, Chile
    -Casa de la Cultura de Copiapó
    MADRID, España                            
    -Espacio Menosuno
    MEDELLÍN, Colombia
    -Casa Tres Patios
    MÉRIDA, Venezuela                      
    -Galería de Arte La Otra Banda
    QUITO, Ecuador
    -Fundación Humanizarte
    SAN JUAN, Argentina
    -Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Franklin Rawson
    SANTIAGO, Chile            
    -Corporación Cultural Balmaceda 1215
    -Espacio Arte Nimiku
    -Espacio Z
    TÁCHIRA, Venezuela                    
    -Museo de Artes Visuales y del Espacio
    VALENCIA, España
    -Espacio Oxímoron (antiguo Teatro de Los Manantiales)
    -Plataforma Escenalborde


    _____________________or request: interconexiones2011@gmail.com
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    La Brabanzón #2824, depto. n° 802
    Providencia, Santiago de Chile
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    Send e-mail or download link to interconexiones2011@gmail.com

    should consider the time of shipment from origin city to Santiago (Chile)
    ** www.wetransfer.com, www.megaupload.com, www.rapidshare.com, etc.

    Deadline for receipt:
    November 15

    Publication of selected works:
    November 18, 2011

    facebook: INTERCONEXIONES 2011 2ª muestra internacional de videodanza

    Curatorial Committee:

    Gonzalo Pérez Pérez
    Art Teacher,
    Master of Art Production 
    & Organizer of Interconexiones

    Mila Berríos Palomino
    Video-Dance Filmmaker
    & Red de Videodanza Chile
    Founding Member

    Pamela Quero Pizarro
    Choreographer, Director, 
    Dancer & independient Actress

    International Coordinators:

    Adrián Preciado              Mérida & Táchira
    Anarella Martínez           Berlín
    María João Flôxo            Barcelona
    Francesca Mereu            Madrid
    Galo Terán                         Quito
    Hipólito Patón                  Valencia
    Gonzalo Pérez                 Santiago
    Iván Sánchez                    Valparaíso
    Manfredo Cerutti            Buenos Aires
    Natalia Segurado           San Juan
    Ocarina Murtagh             Arica
    Paula Villegas                  Bogotá & Medellín

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    _____________________or request: interconexiones2011@gmail.com
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